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Our five recommendations for your event are:

  • Youth must be the spokespersons whereas adults can help.
  • The main message is, “Adults are jeopardizing our future”.
  • Please treat all politicians with respect and admiration for their service.
  • Strike near a city hall, Parliament /Congress, government building, or. a politician’s office.
  • To help you build alliances in communities over the next few months think outside the box and conduct strikes at hospitals, Chambers of Commerce, umbrella groups for poverty, union halls, Friendship Centres, etc
  • Register your event so that we can show the world that youth are becoming too connected to fail.

There are four chief ways of striking:

  • Stay at home on Friday and strike privately.
  • Strike at school on Friday. Wear green clothes or green bandanas or green anything and at 10 am ring alarm bells or clang pots (les casseroles) for one minute and then talk about specific things adults need to do  to stop jeopardizing your future: declare a climate emergency in all cities like Vancouver and Halifax have already done, the media must treat this crisis like a crisis, all levels of governments must have plans in line with the best science and economics to cut greenhouse emissions and adapt to our changing climate and adults must seriously review the climate plans of politicians before the vote in elections
  • Sit outside of a building such as a legislature building, city hall or even a hospital and strike for the climate
  • Join a Fridays for Future rally on a Friday

In social media please use the following hashtags for this event:

  • #FridaysForFuture
  • #ClimateStrike
  • #COP24
  • #1point5C

Please download below files for the promotion of your local event.

Here is a sample media release for Canadians to help you write your media release. Be sure to include the exact location and time of your event.

Here is a second media release if youth strikers plan to focus on health and climate change.

Here is a helpful Youth / Parent / Teacher Guide in English, French, German, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese.

These Promo Toolkit zip files include a full banner image, image of Greta, and image of map background. The print banner size is setup for 12’x4′ (wxh).

Greta Image credits with permissions to share: Lena Ignestam

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Follow @sophiamathur on Twitter. Sophia was the first youth to join @GretaThunberg in the western hemisphere by cutting class from school to protest that the adults are jeopardizing her future.